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Oct 04,  · Erik Erikson gave the psychosocial theory of development. He proposed that humans are motivated to achieve competence in various areas of life. Erikson explained in his theory how our personalities are influenced by the social experiences we gain throughout our lives. He described psychosocial development through eight stages. Development in Late Adulthood Late adulthood (old age) is generally considered to begin at about age Erik Erikson suggests that at this time it is important to find meaning and satisfaction in life rather than to become bitter and disillusioned, that is, to resolve the conflict of integrity vs. despair.

In this paper I explore Erik Erikson's revisions of Freudian thought and reasons for his conceptual departure. I show Erikson as the second stage psychoanalytic theorist who shifted thought upward in consciousness, outward to the social world, and forward throughout the complete life span. I explore Erikson's dispute of Freud's reductionism and predeterminism, and illustrate Erikson's movement. Emotional development, emergence of the experience, expression, understanding, and regulation of emotions from birth and the growth and change in these capacities throughout childhood, adolescence, and erot.xyz development of emotions occurs in conjunction with neural, cognitive, and behavioral development and emerges within a particular social and cultural context.

CHAPTER 14 Emotional and Social Development in Early Adulthood A fter completing her master’s degree at age 26, Sharese returned to her hometown, where she and Ernie would soon be married. During their year-long engagement, Sharese had vacillated about whether to follow through. At times, she looked with envy at Heather, still unat-. Feb 01,  · Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson was the first professional to describe and use the concept of ego identity in his writings on what constitutes healthy personality development for every individual over the course of the life span. Basic to Erikson’s view, as well as those of many later identity writers, is the understanding that identity enables one to move with purpose and direction in life, and Cited by:

Support our channel with a small donation at erot.xyz or by spreading the erot.xyzn's theory of psychosocial development identifies eigh. The paper explains the emotional and social changes that occur in a person's life during middle adulthood and how these changes help in the development of a person's emotional and social traits. In addition to that, the duties of a middle aged person and how one's reactions change the development process are also explained in the proceeding paper.