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Building Better Lives. Approximately 28, people, almost 1 person out of every 5 in the Concho Valley cannot read or understand any written information, or at best they can only locate easily identifiable information. The Portland Literacy Council (PLC) is a nonprofit organization that supports adult literacy programs, tutors, and students in the Portland metropolitan area.

Website, text, phone, email and in-person inquiries to our Adult Literacy Hotline helped adults in Minnesota find free literacy classes. 8, books to kids. Book donations provided children in our Summer Reads program with engaging, reading-level appropriate material. 3, The Wichita Adult Literacy Council (WALC) empowers people to improve their individual literacy skills and promotes community awareness of literacy issues. Our primary method of promoting literacy is through our volunteer literacy tutor program.

Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. Guatemala literacy rate for was %, a % increase from Guatemala literacy rate for was %, a % decline from We help adults seeking to improve their literacy skills. FIND OUT MORE. We help non-native English speakers improve their conversation skills. FIND OUT MORE. Your donations help provide vital literacy services and teaching materials. DONATE NOW. NALC on Twitter @NashvilleLit March 15, NALC has decided to suspend all face-to-face services.

The Victoria Adult Literacy Council is committed to support and meet the ongoing educational needs of the adult learners in Victoria and surrounding areas. VALC recruits, trains, and supports volunteer tutors who teach and reinforce literacy skills and work on "English as a Second Language" literacy and communication skills with students. The Kalamazoo Literacy Council is a nonprofit volunteer tutor organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults with reading, writing and comprehension skills.