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A Spanish magazine subscription is also a great gift for relatives who do not yet have a great grasp of the English language but still certain magazines to keep up with the latest news in entertainment, politics, fashion, and many other popular topics. Find the perfect Spanish magazine subscription for . These trashy, adult exploitation comics are hugely popular in Mexico. They sell at most newsstands and comic book stores. They’re generally pocket-sized, up to one hundred pages an issue, with four panels to a page. The stories range from “true” tales of drug deals gone wrong to far-out psychos taking unholy revenge on the unfortunate.

This is a list of magazines primarily marketed to list has been split into subcategories according to the target audience of the magazines. This list includes 'adult' pornographic magazines as well as more mainstream ones. Not included here are automobile, trains, modelbuilding periodicals and gadget magazines which happen to have a predominantly male audience. Playboy(adult; in English, Spanish and Portuguese) news, health & beauty advice).

The following is an incomplete list of current and defunct magazines published in are published in Spanish or other languages. List of All Mexican Magazines Online. Arqueología mexicana – founded in Expansión – founded in Proceso – founded in Veintitantos – founded in Mujer Ejecutiva – founded in Cosmopolitan Espanol – founded in Caras – founded in Tu en Linea – founded in National Geographic – founded.

For those in the Latin American community who collect and admire art, ArtNexus (Spanish Edition) is the perfect magazine. It offers news and trends on the latest artists and collectors making waves in .