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on-site actions (see Highlight 2 for definition of on-site). In addition, section (e) exempts on-site actions from having to obtain Federal, State, and local permits. Consequently, the requirements under CERCLA for compliance with other laws differ for on-site and off-site actions, as follows: • On-site actions must comply with applicable and. United States Environmental Protection Agency Solid Waste and Emergency Response Publication No. FS August vvEPA A Guide on Remedial Actions at Superfund Sites With PCB Contamination Office of Emergency and Remedial Response Hazardous Site Control Division (OS) Quick Reference Fact Sheet GOALS This fact sheet summarizes pertinent considerations in the .

The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of (SARA) required that on-site remedial actions comply with applicable or relevant and appro- priate requirements (ARARs) of other federal and state environmental laws. Remedial actions are to be implemented as soon as site data and information make it possible to do so. Accordingly, EPA has established the following program goal, expectations, and program management principles to assist in the identification and implementation of appropriate remedial actions.

Mar 27,  · Main page of the Antarctic Meteorite Collection at NASA Astromaterials Curation. The curation and collection of Antarctic meteorites is a U.S. funded, cooperative effort among NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Smithsonian Institution. Appendix A DTSC's Further Action Determination Letter, dated June 12, Appendix B Conceptual Site Exposure Model Appendix C DTSC's "Interim Guidance for Evaluating Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos-Containing Materials at Proposed School Sites, dated July 23, " Appendix D Public Participation Plan and/or Community Profile Report.

IronPlanet is the #1 provider for used ironplanet auction. Buy & Sell used heavy equipment, trucks, government surplus & more. Bid online, on-site, buy now or make an offer. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) divides response actions to hazardous substancereleases into two categories: removal actions and remedial actions. 1 Removals generally consist of short-term interim measures taken to prevent imminent harm and exacerbation of a release. 2 Remedial actions generally comprise the long-term .