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Jan 11,  · Colorectal cancer is rising among young adults and here’s what young people should know. Recent Statistics. In the last twenty years, the diagnosis of colon cancer in adults fifty years and older has fallen. The American Cancer Society believes this is due to the drumbeat of the importance of getting screened. Sep 01,  · When should young adults get tested for colorectal cancer? Even with colon cancer diagnoses trending younger, we don’t routinely test adults of all ages for colorectal cancer. We’ve found that routinely testing young adults can lead to more false positive results than true diagnoses, which leads to unnecessary testing and undue stress.

Colorectal cancer rates in young adults have been increasing since the s, and rectal cancer rates have been increasing since the s. People born in are twice as likely to get colon cancer and four times as likely to get rectal cancer as . Aug 31,  · Chadwick Boseman Was 43 When He Died of Colon Cancer — and Cases in Young Adults Are Rising this link is to an external site that may or .

Apr 10,  · When it comes to colorectal cancer, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that the incidence of colorectal cancer in adults age 50 and older in the U.S. is decreasing. The bad news is that the incidence and mortality rates for colon cancer in young adults under age 50 are increasing. Colorectal cancer is generally thought of as something older adults get. However, the number of young adults getting colon cancer has gone up in recent years, while there have been fewer older adults being diagnosed with it. In other words, those born before the s have been seeing fewer cases of colon cancer.

Jul 30,  · The American Cancer Society now recommends people aged 45 get colorectal cancer screenings. One study predicted colon cancer rates for people between 20 and 34 will increase by 90 percent by Author: Rajiv Bahl. Jun 03,  · June 3, -- Young adults are often not aware they can get colon cancer, and doctors are often late to diagnose it in younger patients, according to .