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Adult Scoliosis Scoliosis is usually discovered during growth in childhood or adolescence (pediatric scoliosis). When it begins or is found after puberty, it is called “adult scoliosis” because the curve is discovered after complete skeletal growth. Dr. Agabegi is an adult and pediatric spine surgeon offers treatment for adolescent scoliosis, kyphosis, cervical problems and lumbar problems in Cincinnati.

Best Scoliosis Doctors in Cincinnati, OH. Search doctors, conditions or procedures. For treatment near. Cancel Search. There are doctors for Scoliosis in Cincinnati. Find the best for you: Dr. Zachary Tempel, MD. 33 ratings. Edwards Rd Ste Cincinnati, OH Dr. Michael Kachmann, MD. Chiropractors in Cincinnati are professionally trained to diagnose a patient with scoliosis. Following, the history of the patient is examined to determine the possible cause of scoliosis. This is used to develop the correct treatment that will most efficiently and correctly address the bend of the erot.xyzon: Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, , Ohio.

Those who suffer from scoliosis have a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to navigating their pain levels to live a normal, happy and comfortable life. Here at Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we specialize in healing back pain, including scoliosis treatment, right here in Cincinnati. Adult scoliosis can be a late manifestation of untreated adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. In other words, teenagers who were diagnosed with scoliosis grow up to be adults with scoliosis. In some patients, especially those with curves greater than 40 degrees, there may be very gradual worsening of the curve over many years.

Spinal implants and bone grafting are some of the methods used in scoliosis surgery. Dr. Steven Agabegi, a well known spine surgeon, offers spine and scoliosis. For Appointments: () Spine Surgery Cincinnati | Adult Scoliosis Cincinnati.