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Most piercings are generally considered safe to get while breastfeeding except for nipple piercings which should be avoided until after you have stopped breastfeeding. In most cases, however, you should wait at least 3 months after your baby has been born before getting any type of piercing because they are taxing on the immune system and your. Mar 02,  · Ideally the suitable time to start breastfeeding is months after piercing. Or you can plan your piercing 3 months after weaning. This will allow you to get the desired amount of time to heal the wound before the hormonal changes trigger. It gives time for the piercing to be removed without the holes closing up.

Precautions for breastfeeding with a nipple piercing: Nipple piercings must be fully healed before breastfeeding starts. Nipple piercings take a long time to heal and breastfeeding is not recommended until healing is fully completed. Saliva should not enter the wound during the healing process as this could increase the risk of infection. NIPPLE PIERCINGS. Will nipple piercings impact breastfeeding? Every body is different in how it reacts to taking out the jewelry out prior to breastfeeding. Just like with pierced ears, some of us will have the hole scar closed, the scar may partially close, or it could stay open for years and never have a problem sticking jewelry in and out at whim.

Jan 08,  · Frequent re-piercings can also damage the nipple and cause complications. It is also recommended that the piercing be healed before breastfeeding. Most body piercing professionals will refuse to pierce a pregnant woman for this reason, and because piercing causes unnecessary stress on the body that could potentially complicate a pregnancy. Aug 03,  · Breast Feeding and Nipple Piercings. Posted on August 3rd, by The Amato Team. It’s often wondered if nipple piercings and breast feeding are compatible. One of our frequently asked questions when it comes to nipple piercing is “Will I still be able to breastfeed later on down the road?” The answer to that question is what will be.

Can You Breastfeed If You Have Your Nipples Pierced?During my pregnancy I had been asked a lot 'Can you still breastfeed with your nipples pierced?' and a lo. Jan 11,  · Nipple piercings may interfere with your ability to breastfeed. The piercing itself may cause complications leading to blocked milk ducts and reduced milk flow. This could hinder your milk production. Of course, you'll need to remove any jewelry from your nipples when you're nursing.