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authentically middle eastern and proudly canadian The Lazeez story begins with the universal passion for great taste. Our founders, while each having different and unique stories, backgrounds and personalities, found a strong connection over than common love for great tasting Middle Eastern . Lazeez wrote > Many of the nominated stories are > no-sex stories. As in not a bit > of sex in them. About eight years ago, the president and the congresscritters here in the U. S. of A. had something of a disagreement about just exactly what SEXUAL RELATIONS meant and didn't mean. If completely non-erotic stories get nominated, they're not.

Lazeez March 11, November 2, Comments Off on The Clitorides Awards are open for voting, Finally! Flash Erotic Story of the Year – up to 1, words Short Erotic Story of the Year – 1, -> 7, words Medium Erotic Story of the Year – 7, -> 20, words. Lazeezstories. likes. A Carnivorous alchemy - Primarily a food blog, occasionally everything!

Storiesonline is a stories site started by Lazeez Jiddan. In , the site started as a personal hobby site for Lazeez and was titled 'Lazeez’s Erotic Corner'. At the time, it was served from his own personal computer. The implication was that, at night, when Lazeez .